Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Flurry of Fury!

I have been too lazy to update with all the post-GDC reviews and instead have just let them pile up. I started to think I just wouldn't link them anymore because as the game gets closer to release there is just going to be more and more of them. But since I had been saving these and I haven't had time to update the blog in awhile I figured I would just dump them all in one messy post. They are kinda in reverse order and I hope all the links work since I haven't tested them since reading them originally.

You will notice that some of these are more in depth reviews by the people that just gave it a quick look see at the Game Developer's Conference.

Gamasutra article about the Auran & CDC deal

March 30th post talking about the next Penny Arcade Expo that shows Fury being played at PAX 06

Tony being interviewed at Ten Ton Hammer Part One

Part Two:

The Fury Myspace page

The ABC2 (Australian Broadcast Network) April 27th broadcast of ‘Good Game’ with a couple of 5 second sound bites from Tony and Paul



Warcry GDC preview


Games Radar



Game Informer

MMORPG Newsletter

In other news, Ability Icons are finished!!! Yay!

Connie just had her pictured published in the April 2nd Brisbane Issue of the MX News newspaper.

I will have an interview up on Australian Gamer in the next few days.

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