Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Next Generation Clothing

I have a bunch more links to reviews of Fury from GDC but I keep forgetting to forward them to myself from work.

Pong Shirt from Think GeekBut... remember that cool graphic equalizer t-shirt I wore to the Australian Gamer party a few weeks ago?

Oh come on its only three blog post down. Jez, I can't count on you people for anything. If are all going to come together as my legion of worshiping fans I am going to need you to focus more. Anyway scroll down and have a look, I'll wait.

Back? Okay now check out this cool shirt from Think Geek that James linked to me today. Granted its just bounces back in forth in one small animation loop, but I have to get one!

The next generation of this stuff is going to be really cool. Philips is already doing some cool stuff like their 'emotional sensing' light up clothing (link to the cool pictures) and Philips Lumalive technology.

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