Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Space Invaders from Space

Here is another great vintage video game environmental art project. These guys found out that Google was going to being doing a fly over of the campus and decided to put up some stuff that would be visible from Google Earth.

Now I’m a little confused about ‘Google’ doing the fly over as I am pretty sure Google doesn’t own and satellites.

Check it out.

When I first saw the pictures I thought it was bigger than it is. There is a link to a large picture where you can see the two pieces with the buildings from the campus to put it them in perspective. I can imagine we will probably start seeing a lot more of this art from space sort of thing in the near future, then advertising companies will start doing it and it will quickly become uncool.

In the mean time I need to think of some cool vintage video game environmental art project of my own.

While I'm on the subject and instead of making a whole new post about, my personal favorite is the tile mosaics and I just found these two on flickr: Bubble Bobble tile mosaic on Bear Gardens SE1 and A Bomberman tile mosaic bitmap spotted about 15 feet up a wall in London.


Joseph the Fourth said...

Drew who is too lazy to leave comments on his own sent me some info in email about Google and Microsoft doing fly over things here is Australia.
Google wants to put you on the map:

Google, Microsoft take to the skys over Sydney:

Grrr... what the hell are the tags for a URL?! I know other people have posted links in comments, hell the spammers do it all the time.

BugHunter said...

Shouldn't it be just a standard HTML href? "Lessthan a href="put URL here" greaterthan" text to be link "lessthan /a greaterthan"

Delete this comment if it doesn't work, since it will be pointless at that time.

Australia on the map


Sky over Sydney

Joseph the Fourth said...

Hmmm I tried that but must have had a typo or something. I was doing it at work so I didn't really spend much time trying.