Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Impulse Gamer Interview

There is a new interview with yours truly up at Impulse Gamer which you can find HERE.

You’ll notice I plead ignorance when asked about how Auran was formed. I just got the following email from my boss filling me in on Auran’s founding history.
Very good Joseph – you sounded reasonably intelligent.

For your historical knowledge, AURAN was “founded” by me and a hot shot “genius” gamer called Greg Lane. The company began with the name Australis Microprogramming on Jan 1, 1995. Its name was changed to AURAN about a year later.

The company was then “saved” by the Hilliam family who became involved in 1998. Tony commenced as a full time working director in 2000. He and I own the AURAN group of companies.

Greg lane has left the building.

Kind regards
My boss says I ‘sounded reasonably intelligent”. That’s a good thing isn’t it? “reasonably intelligent”? Wait, does “sounded” reasonably intelligent mean I’m not reasonably intelligent but I did a good enough job that I may have fooled people?

Well he does end with “Kind regards” instead of “pack your things and be out of the country by sundown” so I think I’m good. Whew!


BugHunter said...

"I am Legion. For we are many."

You know how you said that when you write on this blog it doesn't have the energy or funny that you have in interviews and other mediums? I think this interview illustrates that quite a bit. My guess is that it's because you have interaction and another side of the conversation to work from. Here you are just talking to air, it doesn't work the same.

Joseph the Fourth said...

It's one of the downsides to having a 'sarcastic' wit, if you don't have something to work off of it just doesn't work.

Rereading that interview I can't help but noticing how thin it is on actual information. The truth is there just isn't any new information to release at this point as we are just slaving away getting an Alpha client by the end of the month. I hope there is enough humor that the entertainment value out weighs the fluff.

I have been firing off a few things on the forums at Library of Rage. Nothing especially funny things, but I do reveal that we are not including a BSG or snipers in Fury and get some good mileage out of a baseball vs. basketball analogy. I also linked bunch of screenshots from Hillsfar and Battletech that I did on the C64.

Next time I update the template I have to remember to add the Fury fan sites.