Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yet another write up from another trade show

MMORPG.COM has a “hands on” write-up by Laura Genender from the Austin Game Developer’s Conference.

There is one small mistake; she says “Though I had a mana bar, I never once looked at it.” The build we are showing off still has the mana (actually we called it Ki, it’s an Asian thing) bar but we had already taken its functionality out of the game. The version we have been allowing people to play with still has the old GUI so it the blue bar is still there.

If you look at the screenshot I posted over on the Fury-Sanctuary forums you can see how the health bar now extends overtop of the where the Ki bar was.

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BugHunter said...

I thought that sounded odd while I was reading it. Then the announcement Adam didn't make about fees pushed the mana thing right out of my head.

I moved part of this post to a topic on fury-sanctuary that I started on this article. Hope you don't mind.