Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We Go Again

Second post in one night, amazing you say. Well I’ll be honest; the World of Warcraft servers have gone down for weekly maintenance. But I wanted to do a separate post regarding just what I am doing here on this blog. It was meant to be something that would force me to write a bit more, but as I put it up I almost instantly tried to make it into a copy of the blogs of other game designers. But I’ve never really been able to pull that off. It wasn’t for lack of things to write about. I have game ideas I would like to talk about but I don’t want to just give them away. I have some stuff I would like to vent about but most of these vents have some tie to work and I don’t really want to drag work into these things because that’s just not right for a number of reasons. So what I am left with is just random comments about semi-industry related things that catch my eye. There is nothing really wrong with that; it just isn’t the same thing.

So I am going to officially let myself off the hook. I am just going to write about whatever I damn well feel like.

So you are probably going to see a lot of post about WoW. It’s the game that I am currently playing the most.

I am very frustrated that I can’t raid with my guild because of the big time zone difference in Australia. I leveled up a Priest to 60 because I figured it would be easier to get groups which it is, but there is so much more pressure on a Priest. If I screw up as a Rogue I die, if I screw up as the Priest another character dies. I’ve never liked playing the healer character for that very reason, but I never really gave it a serious go before. Dymion (the Priest) is now much better equipped than Sentris (the Rogue) I got to go on a real raid with the guild a few weeks ago, 3 of the outdoor dragons, Onyxia, and a full Molten Core run. I got 4 epic items if you include the quest piece that eventually led to me getting Benediction, an epic Priest staff. I hated it because I was woefully unprepared and just not up to speed with the game mechanics and dynamics as I was with Everquest. I also loved it because I was getting to raid again. Being part of that well oiled Afterlife machine where any failure is meet with our motto: “We go again.”

I have also been doing a lot of the PvP battlegrounds trying to rank up as another way to get good gear. I have never really been that into PvP, and as an under equipped Priest I tended to get killed rather fast as soon as I attracted the attention of the enemy. But I am starting to get the hang of it and now I got some better gear so it isn’t so bad anymore.

Well I have to go back to trying to teach Ventrillo to say Dymion correctly. It is pronounced “Dim-ee-un” not “Dime-ion”. It’s basically Endymion without the “En”. It is more of a Dan Simmons reference rather than the Keats or Greek mythological reference. Though I guess it could be “En-dime-ion” for all I know, next time I see the moon goddess I'll ask her.

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kayla said...

Not many people like to PVP as a priest --I did it for awhile to get the discount on my epic mount, but it's boring never coming in the top half of the score at the end of an AB.

I suppose I could pvp *now* since I nabbed Sash of Whispered Secrets from domo last night. All the warlocks had it and nobody else wanted it...

Oh if you want more priest gear, you can try to get the ZG set...