Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Old Resume Site

While writing the previous post I did some searching to see if I had any pictures of Dune 2 still saved in some dark, dusty folder on the site and I found part of my old resume demo site that I put up in 2002-2003.

It is missing the top and sidebars that went with it and the Earth and Beyond link is blank for reasons I don’t care enough about to look into, but it has a number of pictures from some of my much earlier games.

Oh and if you’re asking yourself what’s this about Earth and Beyond Mr. “massively-now canceled-loads of crap that flopped under the weight of all their poorly thought out, over intellectualized, stupidity”?

The answer is “Electronic Arts.” The E&B that hit the shelves was nothing like the E&B we started out designing. My contribution to the design was working on “planet mode” which was cut about a year and a half before the game shipped. The only thing that was left in that game that I had anything to do with is the window’s icon. So there you go Mr. “If you had read my history link over on the left you would have known that already”!

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