Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller

The details about the Nintendo Revolution controller are out. You can read good hands on review over at It only took 4 or 5 posts to our internal Clan Auran mailing list before the sexual innuendo jokes started flying about what kind of games would benefit from this type of controller.

Promotional video shown at Toyko Game Show of the Revolution Controller provide by They say they will have a streaming video cast of the TGS keynote here friday morning. Thats friday morning for you people in the real world as it is already friday night here in the future!

I do remember reading that Nintendo originally wanted to launch this type of controller back in the early 90’s but decided against it. I’ll have to look up the exact details on that when I get home. Anyway, I think it could be very very cool. I am looking forward to the Revolution more than the PS3 or XBox 360 because of it. Granted, I will probably wind up getting all 3 systems but I haven’t seen anything for the other two that makes them any different from what I would expect from the next new game system. Hell I haven’t even seen any release titles that have made me want to make sure I'll buy any of them day one.

Quite the opposite actually if you’ve read this, again over at, which talks about the difference between the ‘target render’ clip of what we were assured Madden NFL 2006 would look like compared to the actual game shots that have been released. Not that I am interested in sports games myself, but still that is quite a difference. I’ve faked up plenty of screenshots in my day for marketing but they were all made with the consideration that it had damn well better represent what the game will actually look at. Funny enough two of the screenshots on the C&C: Tiberian Sun box are fakes I did early on in development. They are easy to spot when you are looking for them because of the motion blur and lighting effects, but still pretty close. I was kind of annoyed they were used for box art though since by that time we had plenty of real shots they could have used.


Anonymous said...

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Joseph the Fourth said...

I can't find the bit about Nintendo's early motion-sensing controller in The Ultimate History of Video Games. It’s a really hard book to try and find thing in because it jumps around time frame wise between chapters.

I do want to point out that Nintendo was the first to put the analog joystick on their controller for the N64. I remember dancing around the office when I read that and all my friends not really seeing it as a big deal. Just try to imagine playing today's games on a old style digital controller, where you are either pushing up or you aren’t as opposed to the analog where you can be pushing up a little... a little more... almost all the way... you get the point.

Now they just need to release the some sort of force feedback, internal gyro, sword hilt, controller add on for this new Revolution Controller and we can really have some fun in our RPG games!