Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oh, I still have my Comic Trade collection

I've had it mentioned to me that I wasn't being completely honest about not collecting comics anymore. I actually stopped collecting single-issues, or "floppies" as they are sometimes called when I got back from Australia in 2009. I already had a large collection of trades editions, but that is when I officially became one of those 'wait for the trade' guys.

I mostly collect trade paperbacks as opposed to hard covers. My thoughts on the matter are that I like having the trades on the shelves. They look nice. They are easy to re-read - pick the whole story-line as one trade off the shelf as opposed to have to dig through a comic box for each issue, carefully take them out of their bag, gingerly read them and then put 'em back in the bag while trying not to have the tape touch the comic. I also don't mentally think of them as collectibles. I am not afraid to let other people read them or lend them out.  I do have a number of hard covers and the thing I have against them is that I do kind of think of them as collectables and they cost more.

The statue collection is already boxed up.

Anybody want a copy of Fury? Bwahaha! Seriously though, I have one copy with the other games I worked on, but I just can't get myself to throw those extra copies away. Four years! I worked on that damn game for four years and those idiots ruined it. All it needed was a few more months and some intelligence at running the beta.

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