Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas from Jet Set and Floyd

I did another quick Jet Set Games Christmas picture. I didn't get a chance to spend as much time on this one as I would have liked. I imagined a scene with Floyd as Santa, carrying a bag of presents, and filling a lot of 'odd' shaped stocking hanging above a fireplace. Each stocking would have a picture of one of the Worgon kids with a large picture of Enzo and Jessica on the mantle.

...but since Danny didn't have the time to actually do I real picture like that, I Photoshopped this together from the Chapter 3 key art in under and hour. Brett commented that it was very Tim Burton and asked if maybe we could have an alternate one featuring says, Trillian. I have to remind him that we are hard at work on an exciting new game and I did this on my own, seriously cutting into my video game playing time.

I do wish I had saved all of the thrown together Christmas pictures I've done over the years.

In other news:  Rade and I just did an interview with PC Game about creating the original Command & Conquer where it was pointed out that I have worked on more C&C games than anyone. This is only due to a technicality. I re-did some artwork for the German version of C&C Generals, turning the infantry on the sidebar to androids, giving me a one up on the rest of the core C&C team. That article is probably a few issues off from showing up though. I'll remind you about it later.

I also, just this second, found a Highborn page on TV Tropes, amazing level of detail. I am going to have to go back over my dialog file to see if they missed anything. You should go check out the page to see if you caught all the stuff they did.

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