Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Gentlemen, this is about combat."

My first Highborn Developer Diary is up on the Jet Set Games Facebook page, which I am sure you are already a fan of. You are a fan right. Okay, good.

The Developer Diary lists the details of how combat plays out in the game and briefly talks about the mysterious Monoliths that are scattered about the maps.

I am not going to copy and paste the Developer Diary here, because I'm sure those evil marketing people (Amy doesn't read this blog right?) are watching the page count and stuff. So, pop over to the Jet Set Games Official Facebook Page and read it there. While you're there become a fan in case you were lying about it before. Shame on you.

I am also awarding the famous Joseph Hewitt "Hero Points" if you catch the title's reference. Hero Points* will only be awarded only if you know the original source and then where it was used that makes it relevant. Some additional conditions apply, see Joseph for details.

* Hero Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for anything. Hero Points decay over time at a rate which I make up as I go along. Offer not valid where prohibited by law.

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