Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zoom Zoom Stripes!

I had planned on getting up really early this morning and heading up to Red Rock when the loop opens at 7 AM to take some pictures of the car with the racing stripes. I did get up on time, but I woke up with a monster headache. I didn't get out of the house till 9 and just took a couple of quick shots. I'm planning on staying up late playing video games tonight, so I probably won't get to Red Rock till next weekend.

1234I originally was going to go with Black stripes, then was thinking Dark Grey, then I saw pictures of White stripes on albeit, darker Grey car. I had one of those gut feelings that don't usually lead me astray, so I went for it. They guy at Eco-Tint had originally spoke up against White, but the result won him over.

I got the car registered after only three hours. I even got the same personalized plates I had on my old '99 Miata. It was still on hold, but since I was the previous owner, the woman got her supervisor to release it. It's nothing special, just my initials, JBHIV. I did get the "United We Stand" plate with the eagle and American flag. I thought about getting a space before 'the fourth' this time, but that plate only allows five characters. I still don't have the title for the car. The things I've gone through with the dealership in Van Nuyes you wouldn't believe. I thought I was done with them when they finally sent me the Manufactures Certificate of Origin, but they didn't fill in the millage section so I spent another two hours at the DMV for nothing.

I do want to say I am having a blast with the car. I'm zoom zooming all over the place. Though I do have one small problem. Cup Holder Fail:

Miata Cup Holder Fail


Daniel said...

Whoa! Looks great with the stripes!

Sofia said...

Amazing :D Thansk Nice Post Good Blog