Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taboo Tuesday

My evil twin from an alternate universe, Matthew Ford, is making a big push on his FREE indie game today. The game is called Taboo Snaps and it is a wacky, somewhat perverted, spoof on Fantasy Island. You play Mr. Forke's sidekick Taboo and you assignment is to travel around Ecstasy Island, via secret underground tunnels, and take photographs of island's guests who just happen to be hot models. The hot models being your choice of Women, Men, or Women & Men. Your get to select your preference before you start.

Explore Ecstasy Island and snap pictures of sexy models. See thousands of real, top-quality photos of professional models, celebrities, and performers. Score points and grab powerups to expand your abilities. Fun for every skill level-- go mellow and slow, or eat a few magic mushrooms, speed things up, and dodge the 80's-era arcade hazards. Taboo Snaps is free to play, thanks to our advertising sponsors and photographers!

"Who in my generation didn't wonder what Mr. Roarke and Tattoo were really up to on Fantasy Island? Taboo Snaps made me laugh like crazy, and the women are gorgeous. And it's free, so what's not to like? Good times."

"I've never played anything like Taboo Snaps! I'm not a hardcore gamer now but I loved the 80's arcade games like Pac-Man, Centipede, Dig-Dug, Asteroids, and Space Invaders, and this game gives tribute to them all in a hilarious mash-up."

"For all you guys whose hormones forced you to shelve Pokemon Snap in favor of Dead Or Alive Beach Volleyball, a new Flash game comes to your rescue. In Taboo Snaps you explore a lush island to get the perfect picture not of Picachu, but of luscious girls in hot clothes-- and sometimes out of their clothes. Fun, hot, and silly. Now: where can I get a DVD of Fantasy Island??"

"If you remember the silly, smutty classic Leisure Suit Larry games, give Taboo Snaps a try. It's pretty sweet to once again have a few harmless laughs thanks to its zany characters and a bit of good old T&A. And one up on old Larry-- for those of you who want beefcake, you can pick a photoset chock full of hot guys instead! Ahh, equal opportunity sexpolitation."
What are you waiting for? Go check it out! Did I mention HOT MODELS?!


Matthew said...

Woohoo! I found this from my stats page... you sent me 5 visits so far, thank you Joseph! It has been a lot of fun to make and see word spread. Please tell all your friends, everyone who reads this.. I am just a teeny one-man indie developer who can afford beer-money level promotion, and even that is bragging. Word of mouth is my salvation. So please get the word out for weird but original games...

Matthew said...

Whoa, I see that your review is being stolen and reused on other sites! You rock more!

Joseph B. Hewitt IV said...

Really? That seems odd, it's not like I really wrote a "review," more like an intro followed by a large chunk of text from your site.