Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bikini Clad Stripper Charity Car Wash

I wanted to post this last week, but when I reformatted my other computer's hard drive after the motherboard die I no longer had the software to get pictures off my cell phone. You can't just pull them off by plugging the phone into a USB port. I finally wound up emailing them to myself. I need a new phone anyway, this one is screwed. The SIM card keeps coming lose or something.

The story is that I was sleeping in weekend before last because; well because, as far as I'm concerned mornings are something that happens to other people. My phone woke me with a text message from my friend Daniel with the following picture:

Daniel lives in the apartments next door to the Doll House strip club, errr I mean Doll House Gentleman's Club. And when I say next door I mean his apartments are literally the next door down. His message was informing me that the Doll House was having a bikini car wash for charity. The picture is the view from his apartment window that morning.

Now I had been complaining about needing to get my car washed since moving to Perth back in February. It was clean when I put in on the train in Brisbane but they had the windows open at some point and the interior is filthy. I should also explain my idea of getting the car washed is handing somebody a small sum of money, sitting around for awhile listening to an audio book on my iPod, and then having a beeper go off signaling me that my car is all shiny and clean.

I do have a business card of what appears to be the only car detailing place in Perth. It is a normal spray wash car wash place where you feed in coins and then get to play with the big spray gun. Except you pay them twice as much money as I'm used to and they have all the fun with the spray gun instead of you. I am to the point that I don't care and am more than willing to pay them, but it has rained every weekend for as long as I can remember. I should also point out that the covered parking spot for the house I am renting doesn't stick out far enough to cover the whole car so the driver's side gets rained on. Why would you build a covered extension over the car port but stop two feet short of the far edge?

Who cares, back to the strippers... I was out of bed, showered, dressed and down there with my car in record time. They also had hot dogs on the BBQ. What more could you ask for?

Granted the car wash sucked, they didn't do the interior, and it rained again this last weekend so the car is still filthy. But hey it was for charity!


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