Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year MMVIII

New Years 2008Just thought I would put a quick post to show the view we had of the fireworks above the Brisbane River. We were up at my friend Anna's new apartment on the 54th floor with a panoramic view of the city. As you can see we were a very good deal higher than the fireworks.

We could also see the fireworks they were setting off at South Bank which would have made for a cool picture too as they were coming up from behind other office buildings. But the battery in my camera was just about dead when I started taking the pictures. I would take one picture and it would close the lens and shut off the camera. I just kept turning it back on and taking another picture. I got about 6 shots before it didn't even have enough power to shut the lens. If I hadn't waited until the last minute to get dressed and head off to the party in the first place, I would have taken my tri-pod and done some longer exposers. I'm just glade that out of the 6 I got one decent shot with a hand-held camera. Most of them had a lot of movement blur.

Since I was already in Photoshop I also took the opportunity to expand the background image to 2400 pixels so the left blue edge doesn't repeat again on the right when viewing the site on wide screen monitors. I actually started futzing around with a new background image that has a jumble of my game box covers down the left instead of the blue smear. First attempt didn't quite work out. The scale was wrong and I need to shrink the box covers down some more. I'll do another attempt later this week.

Oh I almost forgot. I also found a wallet on the way over to Anna's. It had driver's licenses and other cards for two girls along with about $100 AUD. We managed to find a phone number for them and call them. One of the girls just came over and picked it up. So there you go, first act of the New Year is a good deed. I think thats a great start for 2008.

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