Sunday, July 22, 2007

Unleashing more Fury links

So E3 has come and gone again. If you follow the gaming press at all then I am sure you have heard about all the ups and down, deaths and rebirths that E3 has gone through. This year it was all invite only where the various companies invited select journalist to private showings in hotel meeting rooms. There has already been official word that E3 is getting yet another change around next year. They claim because of publisher feedback, I think it may also have something to do with all the companies who showed up at the same time, put on their own showings in other hotels and didn’t pay the E3 people a dime.

One such company was the new independent publisher ‘Gamecock’ which just happens to be publishing Fury, the game I’m working on. I wasn’t going to post all the links from various online news sources because there were just too many of them, but as it happens one of the guys at work did collect them all. Since I have them I might as well post them.

First up are links specifically about Fury followed by ones that are more about Gamecock & their EIEIO show which includes the Wake and Funereal service they held for our beloved E3.

Warning: I spent ZERO time making sure these links work and at the moment I don't even care that they overlap into the right-hand menu. I've been working the non-stop for the past few weeks and I'm going to go to bed. (edit: yeah, who am I kidding? Like I could walk away while it looked like crap. I stripped the text of the links down to the host site so they don't run over the edge. Still didn't test them all though.)

P.S. I've also started to see Fury banner ads popping up on some of the bigger game related sites including the likes of Penny Arcade and PvP Online.

Specific Fury links:

General Cock Links:

Have you signed up for the beta yet?

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