Friday, June 29, 2007

My Brother and his Fire Staff

I was talking to some friends earlier today about when the balance of power shifted between my little brother Alex and me while we were growing up. One day he is the little brother and I can beat him up and the next he is bigger than me, lettering in Wrestling and eventually getting his 3rd degree black belt.

I remember our last fight when he was a Junior in High School. He pinned me to the ground in the front yard and then waited till I gave up. It took me about 45 minutes to finally admit that he beat me.

As it so happened when I got home tonight I found an email from my friend's wife, Rita. She tapped this performance of Alex playing around with a fire staff in his backyard.

I was really excited when she told me that she put the video up on YouTube, but I have to say I think I know some flashier moves. Granted I've never tried them while the staff was on fire so there is that. I have a desire to go out and play with a staff right now and see what I can whip up. It’s only the lack of a staff that prevents me. I left all that stuff back in Vegas.

Finally I think I should point out that he did have people standing around pretty close so maybe he didn't want to do anything that might get away from him and risk setting them on fire. Also Alex hasn't been doing the serious martial arts training for a few years now; though I'm sure he could still whoop my ass pretty easily.


Rita said...

Yes, he did set the pavement on fire once and there was a low hanging branch. I am glad you got the video and time for you to show him up. I also have one of Justin that is going up in a few minutes. Alex was showing him how. Miss ya.


BugHunter said...

Youtube is blocked at work, so I assumed this would be a clip of the "star wars kid".

I'm soooo glad it wasn't.