Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ganked versus Pwned 2

After rereading my previous post just now; I should have been more careful writing it. The key element that differentiates being ganked and being pwned is expectation.

Just because you are a 3rd level character and you are killed by a 75th level character doesn’t mean you were ganked.

If you walked up and smacked the 75th level character and he turned around and killed you just by raising his eyebrow, you were pwned. If you were wandering around in an area of the game mean for characters of that level and one of them popped your head off as he rode by, you were pwned. You should know better in these cases. You deserved to get beaten. You brought it on yourself. Did you really expect thing to happen differently?

-Now for my answers to the 5 situation questions:

1. You have a group of high level players hiding out at the crossroads and along comes a lower level player picking flowers. Your “gank” group leaps out and starts smacking him around when suddenly his allies who were just using him as bait teleport in and kill you and your team.
You’re expectation was that there would be a fight. You instigated the fight, you just didn’t realize they were not only expecting it as well, they were also better prepared. You were pwned.

An even more complicated example of that situation happened to me in WoW last month. I was on an alternate low level character grinding through some quest mobs when a character of my level that was flagged for PvP kept trying to steal my mobs. Because we are on a PvE server he can’t attack me because I am not flagged for PvP until I attack him.

Now, I’m not a complete idiot and I knew he was just doing it to bait me into attacking him. And eventually when I was finished I thought I would toss a fireball his way before running off. I didn’t want to waste time fighting him, just wanted to have the last word so to speak. As soon as that fireball hit him his friend, the high level rogue, popped out of hiding and sends me to the graveyard.

Now I felt like I was ganked. He was definitely baiting me. But it was my fault. I knew he was baiting me, I knew that the way he was baiting me was specifically against the rules but I took the bait and I got pwned.
2. You sneak into the other team’s tower and go to grab their flag when 6 opponents who were hiding behind the door fill you full of holes.
You are in the other team’s tower. Again your expectation is that there is going to be a fight. You may have hopped to avoid it by sneaking in, but you failed. You were pwned.
3. You are tooling around in the game when you wife walks by wearing that skimpy outfit she wore on the honeymoon. You chase her off into the bedroom and return to the keyboard 3 minutes later to find you were killed.
You weren’t at the computer. Your expectations have much more to do with the bird and bees than with the game. This one is a very grey area. Because you left the computer with your character in a place where he could be attacked and killed, your expectation should have been that you could be in for a fight. But I am going to say you were ganked but you deserved it.
4. You are dueling another player when suddenly he does something that causes the game to bug out and kill you.
This one may seem like a grey area. Obviously your expectation is for a fight by the fact that you are dueling. But taking advantage of a bug is an exploit and not only completely unfair but should get the other player suspended or banned from the game. Exploits are outside of your expectation of the game. You were ganked.
5. A game master is in the game doing a story event of some sort. You decide to attack him with your meteor showers of instant death. But it doesn’t have any effect on his character and he turns and kills you with a developer command.
What did you think would happen? You attacked a GM. You were attempting to disrupt an in game event. You expectation should have been that you were going to get pwned and you were.


BugHunter said...

"Examples of being Ganked:
• You are defeated by a larger number of more powerful players
• You are defeated by a single much more powerful player

Those two statements are quite misleading to the definitions then.

off-topic: I've not gotten any emails from the Fury newsletter yet. Did I sign up wrong, or has this not yet started?

Joseph the Fourth said...

yeah I blew that whole write up. I should fix that. Normally when I write that kind of thing I write it up over the course of a few days so each time I go back and reread it its fresh. Didn't do that this time.

Fury newsletter. Yeah... Umm don't hold your breath. Nobody is working on any of that at the moment. This is pretty much the most Fury info you are going to be getting till about October-ish.

Anonymous said...

Pwned = you had a chance
Ganked = you had no chance

Joseph the Fourth said...


I have no chance if I take my level 2 character and strip him down to his underwear and then walk into the capital of the opposing faction and get killed by the first level 200 uber character I come across. That is not getting ganked; that is getting pwned. I had no chance but I also can’t say I had a reasonable expectation that I would be safe.

I may or not have a chance if I mouth off to and equal level character about how much better I am than him when in fact he is a vastly more skilled player. If he then proceeds to beat me in a duel that would be getting pwned because again I can’t say I had a reasonable expectation of being safe.

If on the other hand I am a level 2 character in my underwear sitting in the capital city of my faction and an uber level 200 character from another faction leaps out of an alley way and kills me, that’s getting ganked. I had a reasonable expectation of being safe.

Ganked = getting killed when you had a reasonable expectation of being safe.

Pwned = getting beat really badly when you should have known better or thought you knew better.

Losing = just getting beaten.