Thursday, June 02, 2005

Catching Up with New Web Comics, UFOs and The Warriors

So the disappointing bad news out of the way (scroll down and read the previous post) let me catch you up on some other stuff. My mother is visiting. She arrived yesterday and will be here till the 12th. So that means we will be doing a lot of tourist type stuff over the next week which we really haven’t done much of since moving here. Maybe I'll finally take and post some pictures.

I am adding a two new links to my web comics. The first is for Blank Label Comics which is a new group formed by a number of web comic guys who have left Keen Spot. Pop on over there and read some of their comics and give them some support. I am linking to their main page instead of the individual comics so you can sample them all and bookmark your favorites.

The second is a comic called Panda Xpress. It just finished chapter one a little while ago and it might be interesting. I say “might” because it just started and there are a lot of odd loose ends that might come together and make this a really cool story. At the moment it is just very odd but I like it. I am thinking this might be one of those things where reading it now might give you the ability to say “I was reading it before it was popular” later on. The bad thing about it is that it is only updated twice a week and each update is only a few panels. This makes it very hard to read unless you hold off and only visit the site once a month so you can read it in chunks. It is actually posted as a blog so you would have to read it backwards to follow the story but if you click on the “Read the Comic” link on the left, you can read it from the start in a very easy to navigate format.

I had a few other interesting links I would normally write whole posts about. Writing about being a video game designer and other things relating to the video game industry is the whole reason I wanted to start this blog in the first place. But with the sad news and with what has being going on at work this last two weeks (imagine your standard pre-E3 scramble times about 3) I have just wound up collecting the links and ideas and not doing anything with them. The DKP history and the Story & Design articles I was doing haven’t been touched either.

The one thing that I have to link is a news story that was broadcast by Channel 13 in Las Vegas a few days ago. Basically this guy claims the Old Testament written in Hebrew taught him how to summon UFO’s. He says he can do it on command and he's been doing it for 25 years, keeping it secret, until now. The thing is the reporter takes him out to a park and says okay lets see you do it… AND HE DOES!!! Something shows up in the sky and flies around! He claims that something is going to happen in the next week and a lot of people in Vegas area are going to see a lot of UFO activity or something like that. So all of you in Vegas keep an eye out and let me know what’s going on.

I do want to post a link to the trailer for a game my friend Alan has been working on at Rockstar Games. It is the video game of the 1979 cult-classic movie “The Warriors.” The scary thing about this is the number of people I have talked to at work who have never heard of this movie. How bad are we dating ourselves? I will admit I was too young myself to have seen this movie when it was released in 1979 but I have seen it at least a half a dozen times over the years.


PX! said...

Thanks for the plug. :)

You concerns are our concerns.
You hit the nail on the head. It is one large seqeuntial story told in 2 page increments. That frustrates us as well. I (as the artist/writer) would love to deliver more content to the public faster. But I can only draw so fast...
The fact that you took the time to post about PX! is awesome, thanks.

I hope the story unfolds in a pleasing manor. It is plotted, just to reassure you, through 150 pages worth of story.

Joseph the Fourth said...

You’re welcome. I’ll expect a special autograph on my copy of the pre-destined, best selling, trade paperback, Panda Xpress collection. Something that proves that I was saying that Panda Xpress would be the next big thing before everybody else did.

PX! said...

Um, yes.
It's in the mail. It's not printed yet, but its in the ether-mail...being sent via ether-turtle to your ether-account at your ether-home.

Yes...well, thats enough babbling out of me.

Joseph the Fourth said...

I said "pre-destined!" I was talking in future tense which only now occures to me might be something I just made up. What was that verb tense that Douglas Adams made up in "Resturant at the End of the Universe?" Wasn't that "future-tense" too?

Hot Black's body guard is talking (spiritually since Hot Black is spending a year dead for tax reasons) to him about how they have to go back in time to do the concert and he says, "It will have been great."

Bah... now look who's babbling